Our Company

Diamond Rock is the ideal commercial ally for developing long term partnerships, renowned for its trustworthyness, professional organization of sales and customer service.


We have a wide variety of products made by hand and effort from Central American countries with the goal to bring a authentic flavor to your table everyday.


Learn about many recipe’s that you may elaborate with our products. The tradition of your home begins here with the products of Diamond Rock Food Imports.

Where to buy our products

You can obtain our products from the best supermarket chains. You can also call our number 631-842-4410 or email us at info@diamondrockfoods.com

  • Bravo Supermarket
  • Key Food Fresh
  • Supremo Food Market
  • Compare Foods
  • C Town
  • SUPER Supermarket
  • International Foods
  • Fine Fare
  • Twin City Supermarket
  • Western Beef
  • City Supermarket
  • Sabor Tropical Supermarket
  • Extra Supermarket
  • El mandado Supermarket

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